Whats Included?

Into the Woods Set Rental Included

Below is a comprehensive listing of the set pieces, drops, and props included in each set rental package. If it is not listed then it is included in the rental.

Main Set

    Main Unit Set

  • False proscenium - Down stage and upstage headers and leg sets (headers are physical, legs are curtain.)
  • Tiered platform deck - with curved steps in the front
  • Trees - midstage and upstage sets of trees to make the forest
  • Arches - Downstage and Midstage

  • Units

  • Repunzles Tower-
  • Baker’s House-
  • Jack’s House-
  • Cinderella’s House-
  • 6 stand alone trees- 16' tall each
  • Grandma’s house- Rolling or flying outline of house with chimney
  • Tree Platform- stationary tree for Cinder's mom's tree & the Giant

  • Props

  • 3 Chandeliers - Hanging
  • 3 Stumps- Can be sat and stood upon

Budget Set

  • Not Available