Whats Included?

Addams Family Set Rental Included

Below is a comprehensive listing of the set pieces, drops, and props included in each set rental package. If it is not listed then it is included in the rental.

Main Set


    • Grave Yard with Gates and Crypt - Addams crypt, tree
    • Morticia's Boudoir - (no chase is inc.)
    • Addams Family Playroom w/ rack - Includes torture rack and ratchet
    • Roof top - 2 separate pieces combine for 20' wide by 4' deep
    • The Great Hall - (Addams Interior)
    • "Somewhere else in the house"
    • The Grotto
    • The Guest Bedroom
    • Black Moon and Me Stairs
    • Central Park with Addams Tree
    • Central Park drop - 40' wide by 20' tall

    • Props

    • Grandma's Wagon - No bottles included.
    • Pugsly's Bed - Bed is re-dressed with client provided bed sheets for Beineke's bedroom scene
    • Long Dining Table - Not standable

    • Set Dressing & Furniture

    • None

Budget Set

  • Not Available